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Missed Flights

A year ago, I missed a series of flights, got stuck in airports in multiple countries, got sick, ruptured my eardrum, and had an endless amount of troubles all in one travel day. At the time, I fought through the physical pain, bought extra plane tickets, and even borrowed money to get out of Abu Dhabi, but things continued to go wrong until I had no choice but to let go of what I wanted. In the end, I wasn’t supposed to be in the place I was going to and almost certainly wouldn’t be alive if things had worked out my way. 

On Saturday, I missed my flight to Thailand. This time around, I didn’t want to force anything but asked God to provide someone helpful at the desk and give me a way to fix it without paying too much money, if it was meant to be. Still having peace but wondering what was happening, I decided to give it my best shot.

Heather, the airline rep, let me use her phone, so I contacted reservations and was told that flights for the next couple days were booked and to call back in two hours. The only other flight that day was leaving before then. At this point, I felt a bit traumatized, like I was reliving my last experience. Basically, it was looking like I’d have to spend all of my savings on a new flight to Thailand or accept what looked like a closed door. That’s pretty extreme, but when the last time was literally a life or death sort of thing, it really did feel that drastic.

I told the desk agents that I was going to look for other flights, but in reality, I just went and sat down, feeling defeated. I was just so sure that I was supposed to go to Thailand, but how could I force what wasn’t happening after what I learned the last time? Unexpectedly, Heather came to find me. She told me she was going to call them herself and see what she could do. She thought she could work it out for me to get on the flight that day and hopefully get what I had already paid to go toward the cost of a different flight. 

My prayer for someone helpful was answered. But as she was on the phone for a while, I imagined them telling her what they told me – that they didn’t have any open seats for days and it would cost a ton of money. Then Heather came back and told me that she was getting me on the next flight, but reservations was “having trouble working out the price difference”… so I would be on the next flight at no extra cost.

If I wasn’t already certain that I was supposed to go to Thailand, I definitely am now. My prayers were answered, and when the language seems impossible or I feel weak or lonely, I’ll have this story to remember, and I’ll remain sure. All that said, I’m in Thailand now, and I’m excited for the wild journey ahead!