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Road to Hope

If you know me, you know how much I value health. You know how careful I am about what I consume, how I love exercise and being strong. How I do weird things like make vegan cheese and homemade deodorant…

When Things Go Wrong

“Your ability to give thanks either opens the door to Heaven or shuts it.”   The paths our lives take are directed so much by thankfulness. Sometimes, being thankful feels like the most natural thing. Like that time I got‚Ķ

Welcome, Stranger

After spending a full year in transition – crashing with friends or hammocking in parks – I have a home. I love it more than I’ve loved any home, and I think that’s because I get to create it. I‚Ķ

Missed Flights

A year ago, I missed a series of flights, got stuck in airports in multiple countries, got sick, ruptured my eardrum, and had an endless amount of troubles all in one travel day. At the time, I fought through the…

Living with Open Hands

“Amber, why don’t you just go to Thailand with us?” “Well, I know I’m supposed to focus on church planting, and you guys already have someone doing that.” “Actually, that was me, and yesterday, God told me not to do‚Ķ

Northern Winters

Some seasons in life are like an endless winter in the north. I would know… I’ve survived about 18 Minnesotan winters. Just opening your front door, the cold air is piercing, and when the wind hits, you reconsider the importance‚Ķ

New Adventures

Following a wild dream, off to hike in the mountains of Lesotho, I found myself drenched in sweat, bouncing along in the back of an 18-passenger van. People next to me kept stealing glances, likely wondering if I was lost.…